Cheat Software For Superior Poker | Poker Contact Lenses –

The regular face Copag cards are plastic bridge size playing cards cheat software for superior poker. We use the Copag cards to make our marked cards for infrared contact lenses.

Our marked cards have great quality. The infrared ink is invisible to human eyes. Under normal circumstances, people cannot see these special marks. Only use special infrared contact lenses or infrared sunglasses to see these invisible marks.

Because the marks are invisible, the Copag marked playing cards look the same as ordinary Copag cards.

So you can use the Copag marked cards and infrared contact lenses to playing poker games. Then you can know all the cards. In this way, you have a great advantage in the poker game poker contact lenses. Because every player’s actions are under your control. The versatility of these poker cheating devices is extremely high. This means you can use them in almost any poker game.